"My grand daughter still has hers from 2006! Can I get a scoodie?" MS in GA, Nov 2011
"Girl, I don't even let my husband touch mine!" TC in GA, Nov 2011
“Thank you for my[Comfort Zone Creations adult blanket] that you [crocheted]. We moved in last night and it was very cold. That [blanket] came in handy because it was so cold.” Thank you so much!" Mary in NY, Oct 2011
"I'm laying on it right now, had to get it back from [my oldest son]." Tim in FL, Oct 2011
"My toddler won't let us touch her's, but she tries to use ours while hers is folded neatly in her room." She's says, "Noooooooo, Don't touch mine!" Trina in NC, Jan 2011
"I have the black and gold. It is warm, cozy, and comfortable. I do not like to share it, although I have to share with my grandbaby! Love it!! ...and my mom said, "Son, I want one too!"" OG in AL
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